@mavnn ltd is a software development and consulting firm run by Michael and Silvia Newton. We specialize in crafting and helping others craft high quality software that works, with particular but not exclusive focus on working with the .net technology stack and F#.

Michael is a technical architect, developer and trainer with a background in data analysis. Silvia is a qualified secondary maths educator with extensive tutoring experience. With our combined skills, we're able to help out with a wide variety of challenges.

Having seen both the public and private sectors from the inside, we've worked with the cutting edge of technologies and techniques (Kubernetes, dotnetcore) and the work horse legacy systems of yesteryear (telnet into the mainframe and trigger file creation for ftp download) - as well as building the interfaces between the two.

Michael has spent a large proportion of his career in process improvement. Whether that's automating away manual data entry by building system interfaces, or teaching programming teams continuous integration, he's dealt with both the technical and social side of change and improvement.

Of course, continuous integration (and especially continuous deployment) require effective testing and writing reliable code. Michael has brought scripted test environments, property based testing and automated UI testing into both existing and green field projects, as well as training developers of a range of experience levels how to build more reliable code by design and make effective use of unit testing.

Both Michael and Silvia have enjoyed teaching a range of subjects, allowing us to provide user training as part of project delivery (we've trained everybody from Firefighters to Registrars to use new pieces of software) all the way up through to introducing new conceptual ways of working to experienced software developers.

Because we both have skills and experience that range far outside of pure software development, we are also able to help you with the business analysis required to work out what the actual problems you face are, and what solutions might help - even if it turns out that software isn't the answer at all!

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