@mavnn ltd is a software development and consulting firm run by Michael and Silvia Newton. We specialize in crafting and helping others craft high quality software that works, with particular but not exclusive focus on working with the .net technology stack and F#.

How can we help?

Train your team

Tell us your requirements, and we will create and deliver an in-house training course for you.

We can provide training in writing, testing, running and deploying software. Because we write the course for you, it will be tailored to your domain, your coding guidelines, and your existing code base. Topics we've trained people on in the past include:

  • functional programming
  • automated testing
  • continuous integration
  • ...and more

Unable to make any of our scheduled public training courses, but would like to take the content anyway? Check out our mentoring service where we can take you (on your own, or with a group) through the course material online.

"I found 'Level Up Your F#' a good course for teaching advanced topics in F# that are commonly ignored or glossed over when you are on your own, but are useful enough that you shouldn't ignore them. The exercises were difficult in a good way and engaging. I definitely recommend the course for anybody after they take their first serious steps in learning F#."

Alexander Battisti Senior Software Developer (Machine Learning) Freeletics GmbH

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Mentor you

Need that little bit of help to get started, or looking for the answer to a specific question? Book a call (video or audio) to talk it over.

Sometimes you just need that little bit of help: you're stuck on doing something simple, and StackOverflow doesn't have the answer. Or you're investigating a totally new field, and don't know where to start (what continuous integration options are there for .net?). Send us your question, and we'll book you in for a short mentoring session to get you started - or let you know (no charge) if we can't help you, hopefully pointing you to someone who can. If you're interested in going deeper into a subject and want a personal tutor, we can also book you in with a regular slot.

We can also run you through private group or individual sessions or any of our training courses.

Book a session now:

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Build you a solution

Know exactly what problem you need to solve and how, but not sure how to create the solution? We can build it for you.

Sometimes you know exactly what your problem is, you have the business knowledge to know how it could be fixed by an automated solution - but you don't know how to build the solution yourself.

We can talk your idea through with you, give you feasibility and reality checks, and then build the solution for you. We work in close concert with you, releasing the smallest possible units of progress as we go along so that everybody is always on the same page.

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Review your codebase

It's hard to keep a clear view of a code base when you've been kneedeep in it for years. Get a fresh pair of experienced eyes to give it a once over.

Whether it's an audit of quality, an architectural review or moving with confidence into a new coding paradigm, we can help you out.

With years of experience working across multiple code bases, we have seen it all: dynamically or statically typed, OO and functional styles, monoglot or polyglot. We can both review the current state of your code base, and also give concrete steps on how to move forwards to make it more reliable, easier to deliver on, and more pleasant to work with.

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