@mavnn ltd is a software development and consulting firm owned and run by Michael Newton with admin support from his wife Silvia. We specialize in crafting and helping others craft high quality software that works, with particular but not exclusive focus on working with the .net technology stack and F#.

With experience of software development for both small companies and large organisations, Michael has owned the software life cycle from business analysis through to production support. We can work with you in a number of ways:

Interested in setting up continuous integration, delivery or deployment of a .net code base?

Michael can help out with consultancy and advice on the whole process, with experience of:

  • automating the testing and deployment of brown field code
  • building continuous deployment with confidence into green field code from day one
  • helping you set up your teams and your processes to deliver the quality software you need
  • a range of continuous integration tooling that can be fitted into an existing infrastructure (from TeamCity to Jenkins CI to AppVeyor and more)
  • distributed source control systems
  • powerful build and deployment tools such as FAKE, Paket and Octopus deploy
  • deploying to both Windows and Linux servers
  • scripted server configuration
  • providing any training needed to get the process up and running

Not being tied to a specific vendor or even operating system, you can come to us for independent advice on the solutions that fit your situation best. Get in touch to see what we can offer you.

Michael has extensive experience training a wide variety of software development related skills. Take a look at some of the videos in the showcase below to get an idea of the tailored content that could be delivered in house to your developers.

He especially enjoys introducing developers to new concepts, and frequently gives training on subjects that are not yet well known (at least in the .net sphere) but which have the potential to massively impact the quality and speed of software delivery.

Apart from being able to offer training on basic foundations such as getting people up to speed with the syntax of C#, F# or VB.net and writing solid, unit testable and maintainable code, we can also provide training for:

Contact us for details of availability, and to discuss your training needs.

Want an idea of what we can provide before you commit?

Open Source Code

You can see code written by Michael at the mavnn github account, including contributions to a range of open source projects which he either helps maintain or contributes to such as:

Conference Talks

You can see Michael in action as a speaker in these recordings:


Michael blogs at http://blog.mavnn.co.uk/. Apart from a wide selection of purely technical posts, there are also popular posts on more general topics such as:

Contact us

Want to talk? You can ping us by email at us@mavnn.co.uk, give us a ring on 07734 211 900 or get us a message on twitter or on linked in.